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Sarasota Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Arthur Hodge, M.D. has over 40 years of experience treating patients, and he has successfully changed the lives of hundreds of men and women in the Sarasota, Florida area. Using highly comprehensive testing and monitoring, Doctor Hodge guides patients through the process of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and helps them to overcome the unpleasant consequences associated with aging. Doctor Hodge seeks to develop a partnership with his patients throughout their healing process, and he focuses a high level of attention on building a strong doctor to patient relationship in a warm and caring environment. As a Sarasota Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Arthur Hodge, M.D. incorporates the latest advances in Anti-Aging Medicine with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to provide a powerful treatment plan for patients.

As your body makes the transition from young adulthood to middle age and eventually into old age, it undergoes many physical, mental, and emotional changes along the way. For some people, these changes make them feel old long before they are ready for it. The hormonal changes in both men and women can be especially challenging. Some of the specific problems experienced by both genders include:

  • Persistent fatigue
  • Irritability, anxiety, and depression
  • Difficulty with sustained mental focus
  • Decreased sexual libido
  • Weight gain, especially in the abdominal area

Additionally, men and women may struggle with gender-specific issues related to hormone imbalance. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem for middle-aged and older men while women may experience symptoms of sexual dysfunction as well. Unfortunately, a lot of people internalize the message that these problems are a natural part of getting older and there is nothing they can do about them. Doctor Hodge, who specializes in anti-aging treatments and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), wants you to know this is not true. A long-lasting solution to the discomfort of aging is closer than you might think.

Anti-Aging Medicine Defined

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine defines anti-aging medicine in this way:

“Anti-Aging Medicine is a clinical/medical specialty and field of scientific research aimed at the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related decline. It is well-documented by peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals and employs evidence-based methodologies to conduct patient assessments.”

Your Symptoms Are Not as Unrelated as They May Appear

For most people, the symptoms of hormone imbalance, dominance or deficiency can come on gradually and they don’t realize that the many new issues that have developed up over the past several years are related. This is especially true of men since their hormones decline at a much slower rate than women. Even though there is a marked decrease in testosterone as early as age 30, it typically takes several years for men to feel the effects. That is because the average man loses one percent of his testosterone annually for the remainder of his life.

While women can have symptoms of perimenopause for up to 10 years before they are officially menopausal, they tend to make the connection to hormonal imbalance faster than men. That is because women know to expect these bodily changes and men often do not. The medical evidence to support andropause in men, a process similar to menopause in women, has only recently gained acceptance in the larger medical community.

Getting Started With Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Sarasota Bioidentical Hormones Doctor, Arthur Hodge, M.D. will start by testing an individual’s hormone levels to check for imbalances. Upon determining imbalances, the patient will start on a customized Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy program. Doctor Hodge typically prescribes Bioidentical Hormones in the forms of creams, gels, patches, and injections. Offering an efficient system for patient support and follow ups, Doctor Hodge’s extensive experience in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy has allowed him to see amazing results in the lives of many patients.

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